Like everybody who starts out on a new journey in life it was scary, I wrote a message to Kellie in 2019 but never sent it, finally during lockdown I found the courage to send her a message and I’m so glad I did. Kellie came up with a personalised programme for me to follow, it was so easy, the recipes are amazing with all my favourite foods, I’m now cooking everything from scratch & my two children & partner all eat the same meals as me, they really are that tasty. Kellie made small changes in my diet that made big differences. I was also worried about having time to commit to lots of exercise, but I needn’t have worried she had all that covered too, in an easy to work with programme! I’ve now finished the 8 week programme & I’ve lost 18 lbs. That’s 1 stone 4lb! I still have a way to go but I don’t feel overwhelmed by my challenge anymore. Kellie’s support & motivation is second to none & I’m so grateful to her for not only helping me to shed the pounds but also getting my whole family eating healthier. I would highly recommend Kellie’s programme & wish her all the success she deserves. Samantha

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